Sunset at Bangtao Beach in Phuket - Southern Thailand / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netRice fields in Districkt Doi Saket - Northern Thailand  / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netSunrise at Lamai Beach, Koh Samui - Southern Thailand / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netJames Bond Island (Khao Phing Kan) - Southern Thailand / © by

In the middle of Asia located Thailand offers a variety of landscapes such as mountains, rice fields, beaches, islands, jungle, mangroves and much more.

Temples & Buddhas

Wat Muang, Ang Thong Province - Central Thailand / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netWat Umong, Chiang Mai - Northern Thailand / © by Buddha Statue in Sukhothai Historical Park / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netPhimai Historical Park - Korat / © by

In Thailand there are more than 40,000 temples and a multiple of Buddha statues. Here only a few of them get inspired by the Buddhist faith and tranquility in the temples of the country.

Faces of Thailand

Street Dealers sell Rice Noodles / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netRice Farmer on a Bicycle / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netBamboo Boat Skipper / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netRoadside Traditional Music is Played / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netSpeed Boat Taxi Driver on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi / © by

Here we show some people "Faces of Thailand" such as from street artists, market women, boatmen, monks, farmers and many more.

Flora & Fauna

Lotus Flower / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netAttacus Atlas Caterpillar / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netPlumeria Flower (Tree) / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netColored Lizard / © by

The climate ensures a lush and diverse flora and fauna. Almost half of the land is covered by forests, more than 1500 kilometers coastline and countless islands are home to thousands of plants and animals.

Street Life

Elephant Sculpture at an Elephant Park in Mae Taeng / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netUmbrella Festival in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai / © by www.beautiful-thailand.netConstruction Workers when cutting Rebar / © by Fish stall - Market Stall near Phuket / © by

The many impressions both on and off the streets of Thailand are unique. Through the mentality, faith and traditions there are many things to discover.